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The Irrepressible Message of Easter

The message of Easter is irrepressible. Though many have tried to silence the truth of the gospel, its spiritual significance, and its historical veracity remain as powerful today as the day Jesus rose from the tomb. I would love to add something original to this discussion, but instead I defer to my betters and present to you a video featuring the pulpit ministry of S.M. Lockridge. Pastor Lockridge led the Calvary Baptist Church of San Diego, California for 40 years and was active in preaching the gospel all over the world. Here is a short video production of his “That’s My King” sermon that vividly depicts the gospel message that is at the heart of why we celebrate Easter. I pray that it will inspire you to receive the grace that Jesus offers the dead to live and the living to live abundantly.



God Want’s Christians To Pester and Bother Him

I admit I have always been prideful in my prayer life. That is to say, I make an effort to get by without God until I get in over my head. I sometimes reason that this matter is too small for God, or this health concern is just God’s way of purifying me so I just need to suck it up and keep on going. These sentiments are froth with pride and deny God the opportunity to show Himself the loving heavenly Father that he truly is. I believe this as I write it but I guarantee you I will be struggling with it 30 minutes from now. So to help me remember, and maybe it will help you too, I post the following sermon montage by Matt Chandler, pastor of the Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas. Enjoy!


HT: Tim Challies