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The Lord of the Wine

A glass of red wine

Lord of the Wine

Jesus Invites You To A Party Like No Other!

I recently have tried to invest more time into listening to good sermons instead of spending time in front of the television. It is so tempting to come home from work and inadvertently make an idol out of entertainment. In the process of being led to this grace, I have come across some great teachings about Jesus that I would like to share with you. One in particular is a sermon from Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City, entitled Lord of the Wine. I have taken the liberty of posting the sermon audio file below along with a set of notes that I took while listening. I strongly urge you to invest the 38 minutes or so to listen to this sermon. I especially urge skeptics who think of Jesus and Christianity as a dull, dead, religion to consider what Pastor Keller is saying.

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Lord of the Wine

Tim Keller – Redeemer Presbyterian – New York City

John 2:1-11

1. Jesus reveals who He was – the true Lord of the feast
• I come to invite all who will believe to a feast like no other – Is. 25:6

2. Jesus reveals what He came to do – give His blood for our wine – John2:4
• In the midst of joy (a wedding) Jesus is sipping the coming sorrow so that in the midst of sorrow (life here), we might sip of the coming joy

3. Jesus reveals what He came to offer
• Powerful sensation – Not just believing the beauty but actually tasting the beauty of Christ Ps. 34:8; Ps.119:18
– Hunger for the beauty of Christ
– Satisfied by the beauty of Christ
• Complete reception – You are my beautiful bride and I want to give myself to you

How do you receive all of this?

• Admit that you are out (your glass is empty)

• Take the credit for what Jesus is done (receive His righteousness)

Practical hooks to this passage:
• Go to Jesus with little things – even a wine shortage is not too small – v.3
• Submit to His timing – v.4-5
• The perfect marriage is yet to come – Rev.19
• You have power over your joy