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The Gospel Set To Music

daniel renstrom     There is an old Latin phrase that goes, “Degustibus non est disputandum,” which means, “You can’t argue taste”. As true as that may be I am willing to argue that much of what passes for worship music today is very banal. Not so with my friend Daniel Renstrom (pictured left).

Daniel is the Director of College Ministry and worship leader at my home church Providence Baptist. Daniel has to be one of the most refreshingly understated worship singer/songwriters in the business. He is theologically sound in his lyrical expression in a way that conveys the warmth and richness of the gospel message. His use of the English language to convey these deep truths is simplicity itself. I highly urge you if you have never taken a look at Daniel’s repertoire to wisely invest the time to do so. The worship experience that inevitable will result will make your affections glow with gospel fervor.

For your listening pleasure, I include a link to the following song that he wrote to accompany the Treasuring Christ children’s Sunday School Curriculum

Daniel’s music can be found on itunes at the following address:

We Are No Longer Orphans

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We Have Been Adopted And That Means Something

Why is the family of God so important? If you already have a family that you are born into and you go to a good church, what is the big deal about “the family of God”? Why do I need another family?

We explored these questions and more this past week in our youth small groups at my church. I was amazed at how well our youth get it. I stood in front of a group of 6th graders and heard them articulate how before Christ they were orphans but now after receiving Him they are adopted. Ive known adults that didnt get anywhere near this close to understanding the point of Ephesians 1.

The reality is that we are adopted into God’s family, He is our father and that makes us brothers and sisters. Yes moms and dads are called to be moms and dads but that the goal of parents should be to train their children how to be their brothers and sisters in Christ. After all, in heaven there will only be one Father. Our relationship as brothers and sisters in Christ will long out live the other relationships we have here on this earth.

Kingdom Building Through Football

football closeupUsing Every Situation To Advance God’s Kingdom

I love this time of year. The weather begins cooling down, the leaves begin to change color, and football season begins. I am not alone. According to the Gallup Organization, professional football has more fans than any other sport. Thats not just a useless fact, that is an opportunity.

Consider how social in nature football culture is. Most fans like to attend the game early for tailgating. There can hardly be a better place to share, build community, and share the gospel than over a hot dog, brat, or barbecue plate.

Many times when we think of evangelism, we picture a door to door salesman or someone doing cold-calling. No fun. No fun at all. But football affords a great atmosphere to build the kingdom while enjoying a great American sport.

So go get your game face on, but dont forget to take the gospel. By the time the game-clock runs out, you might have gained more than just a fellow fan, you may have a gained a new brother or sister in Christ.

A Godly Perspective On Work

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A Godly Perspective On Work From Pastor John Piper

“I think the main point of these three verses is: “Don’t eat the bread of anxious toil.” It means just the same thing Jesus meant when he said, “Don’t be anxious about what you shall eat.”

When we grow up we must all work for our bread. And we can either work nervously, worrying about what men will think of us — and so eat the bread of anxious toil. Or we can work with serenity in our hearts, as serving Christ and not men — and so eat the bread of peace. God’s will for his children, indeed the sign of whether we are children or not, is that we not eat the bread of anxious toil.

God does not lay down specific rules for how early we rise for work and how late we knock off at night. But he does lay down this principle for his beloved: Don’t rise early and go late to rest out of anxiety, out of fear and fretfulness. If the joy of fruitful labor lures you to work 12 hours a day, so be it. But take heed lest you are really deceiving yourself, and in fact are being driven by anxiety, or by her twin sister, selfish-ambition.

Christians will work hard, but they will work more for the joy of all the good their work can bring to others than they will out of fear at what men will think if they fail. So,

“Be diligent as God may lead
And eat the bread you earn,
But fret not over what you need
And let not worry burn.”

– John Piper from Don’t Eat The Bread Of Anxious Toil

HT: Jonathan Parnell at Desiring God