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Doing A 180

It is amazing how the truth can change hearts and minds when people willingly confront it. I had the privilege of viewing a documentary entitled 180 with evangelist Ron Comfort. In that documentary, Comfort respectfully and patiently confronts people on the street about the Jewish holocaust, abortion, and the need for Christ. I was very encouraged to see many of them come off their preconceived prejudices and consider the message of the truth that is right in front of them.

I strongly urge you to watch the 180 documentary. It only takes 33 minutes but the shocking power of truth will open your eyes. If you know Christ as savior it will encourage you and open your eyes. It will also be a powerful witnessing tool that you can share with your unbelieving friends.

Signs of Hope for the Pro-Life Cause

I was very much encouraged by a recent post on Trevin Wax’s blog entitled Top 10 Reasons I am Optimistically Pro-Life. If you are for life, you might get a boost from reading this post. No matter what society says about abortion, it is murder and God does care; and what God cares about, I should care about too.

Speak up for those who have no voice, for the justice of all who are dispossessed. Speak up, judge righteously, and defend the cause of the oppressed and the needy.

(Prov. 31:8-9)

For the Lord your God is the God of gods and the Lord of lords, the great, mighty, and awesome God, showing no partiality and taking no bribe. He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner, giving him food and clothing.

(Deut. 10:5)

HT: Justin Taylor

After 38 Years The Mask Is Slowly Slipping

You can put a pretty face on it but abortion on demand is murder.

38 years ago this past Saturday,The supreme court handed down its decision in the landmark Roe v. Wade case. It’s ruling opened the door to virtually unrestricted access to abortion. Since that time hundreds of thousands of little babies have been aborted and washed down the drain or stored in trash bags. The recent arrest of a Pennsylvania abortion doctor and the light shed on the “procedures” he performed demonstrate to us the grisly affects of the Roe v. Wade decision.

Despite the horrific nature of abortion procedures, many of its defenders have attempted to mask its ugliness for years. Whether these pro-abortion defenders are sinister or misguided is irrelevant. To cover evil is to be complicit in its practice. One of the greatest defenders of abortions over the last few years is President Obama. Here are his remarks punctuating a celebration of the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

Today marks the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that protects women’s health and reproductive freedom, and affirms a fundamental principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters.

I am committed to protecting this constitutional right. I also remain committed to policies, initiatives, and programs that help prevent unintended pregnancies, support pregnant women and mothers, encourage healthy relationships, and promote adoption.

And on this anniversary, I hope that we will recommit ourselves more broadly to ensuring that our daughters have the same rights, the same freedoms, and the same opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams.

I would seek to refute the Presidents logic but I defer to my betters and ask you to view the response of Pastor John Piper:

To emphasize the reality of the immorality and murderous nature of abortion, I urge you to watch this grisly but informative video:

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Help Me Reduce Abortions!

I need your help to reduce abortions. I am giving you a short window of opportunity to help reduce abortions in a needy area of North Carolina. According to one study by Focus on the Family, 84% of women decide against an abortion after seeing an ultrasound of their baby. Ultrasounds save lives and we need more of them in crisis pregnancy centers.

I am participating in an event for the Pregnancy Support Services Center of Wake Forest, North Carolina. It is called the Walk For Life 2010. I will be walking to raise money for a mobile ultrasound unit. This unit will travel to remote areas of eastern and north eastern North Carolina, helping less fortunate women make informed decisions and helping to prevent them from having abortions.

If you have ever wanted to help but were unsure what you could do, here is your chance. All you have to do is click here: Sponsor Me, and donate as much or as little as you can. The website is secure and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you have invested in the life of a child that might otherwise be aborted. Time is of the essence. I only have until this evening to raise funds. Please don’t wait.