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Philosophical Dominoes

“Most modern people appear to resent the past and seek to deny its substance for either of two reasons: (1) it confuses them, or (2) it inhibits them. If it confuses them, they have not thought enough about it; if it inhibits them, we should look with a curious eye upon whatever schemes they have afoot.”

– Richard Weaver in Ideas Have Consequences

There is a line of philosophical dominoes that have fallen throughout history. Humanity has observed, been influenced by and in many cases accepted the tenets of these dominoes. Consider how the following ideas have had a domino-like relationship and how that has shaped the philosophical landscape we have before us today:

Darwinism (1859) – The beliefs of Charles Darwin and his interpretation of biological development were published in his magnum opus On the Origin of the Species. The tenets he proposed in this and other works came to be known as Darwinism. Darwinism cast a shadow on the truth that mankind was created in the image of God. It called into question the value of life and opened the door for “survival of the fittest.”

Eugenics (1865) – Charles Darwin’s views had a profound influence on his cousin Sir Francis Galton. Galton proposed that through selective breeding less desirable traits of humans could be reduced or eliminated. His ideas were further developed into the pseudo-science Eugenics. Eugenics also came to be known as “self directed” human evolution.

Communism (1917) – V.I. Lenin, who was a student of Marx, finds opportunity in the crumbling of the government of Imperial Russia to lead a revolt of Russian workers and peasants. His “October Revolution” laid the foundation for the Communist government which would be fully ensconced shortly thereafter. Lenin is followed by Stalin who institutes mass murders of political enemies that rivals that of Adolf Hitler in Germany.

National Socialism (1919) – Influenced by Darwin, Nietzsche, and Marx, Adolf Hitler transitioned the German Workers party into the National Socialist Party or Nazi Party. Hitler’s doctors and scientists in an attempt to further the pseudo-science of Eugenics perform forced sterilizations, abortions, and other inhuman experiments on political prisoners.

American Progressivism (Early 20th Century) – American Progressives adopt the philosophies of Darwin, Marx, Galton, and others while eschewing the violent tendencies that has resulted from these philosophies. American progressives see that in order to establish economic and social equity the power of the state must inevitably grow. President Woodrow Wilson was a leading political progressive who believed that the Constitution was outdated and needed to be revised to reflect changing political and social sympathies. Wilson was quoted as saying,

“Government is not a machine, but a living thing. It falls, not under the theory of the universe, but under the theory of organic life. It is accountable to Darwin.”

These dominoes have all fallen and lie neatly at the feet of modern “liberal” movement. One of the greatest ironies is that modern liberals are not liberal at all in the historic sense. They are really progressives under a different name. They hold to the same philosophies as their fore-fathers. They support the institutions (i.e. Planned Parenthood, ACLU, NAMBLA, etc.) that have resulted from the philosophies of their founders.

Glenn Beck has recently done a documentary illustrating the line of succession of these philosophical dominoes. His work is an eye-opening examination of how these modern “progressives” are a real threat to the future of our republic. If you are interested in getting more information you can check out Glenn’s website here.

Not So Secret Conspiracies

badmaskI am not typically given to wild-eyed conspiracies. Well, at least not seriously. There are some conspiracies, however, that are not wild-eyed. In fact, they don’t even required both eyes to be open to see. Two not so secret conspiracies are the abortion – planned parenthood connection and more recently the climate change cabal.

It has been documented for years how the abortion industry is a cash cow for any number of liberal special interest groups and the candidates they support. Planned parenthood has garnered untold millions by ushering vulnerable young women into abortion clinics. The damage done to certain segments of our society particularly the black community are devastating. A good article detailing the planned parenthood/abortion mill connection can be found here:

Planned Parenthood’s Unseemly Empire

Another, and now, not so secret conspiracy is the global warming movement. I know that these emails recently discovered are no silver bullet to kill the man made global warming green complex. These emails have, however, sparked many frank confessions by high-level climatologists. Consider this rather telling statement by Dr. William Gray in the following article:

“There has been an unrelenting quarter-century of one-sided indoctrination of the Western world by the media and various scientists and governments concerning a coming carbon dioxide-induced global warming disaster. … (This is) but the tip of a giant iceberg of a well-organized international climate warming conspiracy.”

Is It Warm in Here?

No aluminum foil hats here. These not so secret conspiracies are worth having a look at.

What Have We Learned 8 Years Later?


“The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it.”

– Ayn Rand

9/11 will always be an enigma for me. I was not even in the country when the attacks occurred. It would take me weeks after I returned to the US to be able to process the event and get clear answers about the details. 8 years and many conversations and thoughts later, a cloud of strange emotion still hangs over ground zero.

I am amazed, however, at the lengths that some people will go to dismiss evil. There is one crystal clear inalienable truth that we can gather from the tragic events of 9/11: evil exists. This creates problems for those who lean left politically and philosophically. If evil exists, then goodness must also exist and since none are wholly good then where does goodness come from? Also, if evil exists can peace truly be reached through disarmament and talk or in the absence of goodness must we obtain peace through strength? Evil is very inconvenient for some people and for others it represents horrible losses that result from it being ignored.

So are we any wiser than we were 8 years ago? I hope so. I hope we will never forget the victims of that tragic day. I hope that their faces and their voices replay in our minds and call us to a higher vigilance. If we are to avoid such atrocities again we must hold a worldview where evil exists. Ignoring evil wont make it go away, neither will having less resolve or strength than evildoers.

My prayers go out to the families of the victims of 9/11. My prayers also go out to the men and women who place themselves in harms way daily to check evil.

Hence, The Scapegoat

goatLet me be the first to offer my condolences to the family of Stephen Tyrone Jones. His murder this week at the hands of a domestic terrorist is tragic. I hope that Mr. Jones family will find their healing and hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ. No other message can bring them greater comfort in the wake of this tragedy.

As sad as I am for the family of Mr. Jones, I am equally outraged at the mainstream media. They have already begun to spin their narrative of the event making the perpetrator out to be a “right-wing”, talk-radio junkie. This is a moniker that the media have also been happy to slap on Christians, and any other group that doesn’t bolster its worldview. What it reveals, however, is not just bias but a wanton disregard for the depravity of the human heart.

The mainstream media has to have a politically motivated scapegoat. They cant deal in terms of sin and human depravity. To admit that this man did an act that had more to do with sin than politics would be to admit that sin is real and that a Holy God holds us accountable for our sin. This the media cannot admit, hence the scapegoat.