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Philosophical Dominoes

“Most modern people appear to resent the past and seek to deny its substance for either of two reasons: (1) it confuses them, or (2) it inhibits them. If it confuses them, they have not thought enough about it; if it inhibits them, we should look with a curious eye upon whatever schemes they have afoot.”

– Richard Weaver in Ideas Have Consequences

There is a line of philosophical dominoes that have fallen throughout history. Humanity has observed, been influenced by and in many cases accepted the tenets of these dominoes. Consider how the following ideas have had a domino-like relationship and how that has shaped the philosophical landscape we have before us today:

Darwinism (1859) – The beliefs of Charles Darwin and his interpretation of biological development were published in his magnum opus On the Origin of the Species. The tenets he proposed in this and other works came to be known as Darwinism. Darwinism cast a shadow on the truth that mankind was created in the image of God. It called into question the value of life and opened the door for “survival of the fittest.”

Eugenics (1865) – Charles Darwin’s views had a profound influence on his cousin Sir Francis Galton. Galton proposed that through selective breeding less desirable traits of humans could be reduced or eliminated. His ideas were further developed into the pseudo-science Eugenics. Eugenics also came to be known as “self directed” human evolution.

Communism (1917) – V.I. Lenin, who was a student of Marx, finds opportunity in the crumbling of the government of Imperial Russia to lead a revolt of Russian workers and peasants. His “October Revolution” laid the foundation for the Communist government which would be fully ensconced shortly thereafter. Lenin is followed by Stalin who institutes mass murders of political enemies that rivals that of Adolf Hitler in Germany.

National Socialism (1919) – Influenced by Darwin, Nietzsche, and Marx, Adolf Hitler transitioned the German Workers party into the National Socialist Party or Nazi Party. Hitler’s doctors and scientists in an attempt to further the pseudo-science of Eugenics perform forced sterilizations, abortions, and other inhuman experiments on political prisoners.

American Progressivism (Early 20th Century) – American Progressives adopt the philosophies of Darwin, Marx, Galton, and others while eschewing the violent tendencies that has resulted from these philosophies. American progressives see that in order to establish economic and social equity the power of the state must inevitably grow. President Woodrow Wilson was a leading political progressive who believed that the Constitution was outdated and needed to be revised to reflect changing political and social sympathies. Wilson was quoted as saying,

“Government is not a machine, but a living thing. It falls, not under the theory of the universe, but under the theory of organic life. It is accountable to Darwin.”

These dominoes have all fallen and lie neatly at the feet of modern “liberal” movement. One of the greatest ironies is that modern liberals are not liberal at all in the historic sense. They are really progressives under a different name. They hold to the same philosophies as their fore-fathers. They support the institutions (i.e. Planned Parenthood, ACLU, NAMBLA, etc.) that have resulted from the philosophies of their founders.

Glenn Beck has recently done a documentary illustrating the line of succession of these philosophical dominoes. His work is an eye-opening examination of how these modern “progressives” are a real threat to the future of our republic. If you are interested in getting more information you can check out Glenn’s website here.

Words Mean Things

WebstersWords mean things. In this electronic age of digital audio and video scarcely a syllable can escape posterity. For that reason alone it behooves someone as influential as the President of the United States to be careful of what he says.

Recently at the signing of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act President Obama uttered these words,

“This is the culmination of a struggle that has lasted more than a decade. Time and again, we faced opposition,” said the President. “Time and again, the measure was defeated or delayed. Time and again we’ve been reminded of the difficulty of building a nation in which we’re all free to live and love as we see fit.” (bold mine)

On the surface these words may seem harmless, but consider the context. The President spoke these words after signing a bill that would include “sexual orientation” as a protected class from “hate crimes.” As a matter of honor I will assume that the President didn’t truly mean what he said. Surely no person who claims Christianity, even loosely, would desire an America where any manner of sexual practice is on the menu. Still, these words hang out there clouding the discussion and creating a mess for those of us who care about the moral stability of our nation.

The legislation that the President was praising with these comments also creates all kinds of problems going forward. What is a hate crime? Can a Pastor who speaks out against sodomy be considered a perpetrator of a “hate crime”. What about a teacher who tells his or her students that cross dressing is wrong? Hate crime?

I fear that the President has opened a door both legislatively and linguistically that will surely create more harm than good. A highly intelligent man such as President Obama should realize the consequences of such statements. I hope for the state of his own soul that he just didn’t think about what he said before he said it. The alternative is just too troubling to consider because words definitely mean things.

HT: Dr. Al Mohler

Providence Not Policy

Godblessamerica“…with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine providence…”

– Thomas Jefferson in The Declaration of Independence

There is a grave misunderstanding on the part of those who hold the reigns of power in our government. They believe in the god of policy. They think that if they can just get the right bills passed and policy enacted, that they can bring about the change necessary to re-shape society in their image. While it is true that policy can influence society it is not the end all be all that directs the course of a nation.

Our founders, even the less Christian minded ones, understood this. There is no hope for a country’s survival apart from Divine intervention. You can have the most gifted leaders, the most trained army, and the strongest economy and still crumble and wither away on the ash heap of history (i.e. Romans, Greeks, etc.). That is precisely why we find ourselves at a very dangerous intersection in our nations history. On the one hand, we have a slim majority of the people who favor life and reliance on Divine providence and on the other a very noisy minority that does not. Unfortunately, 2 of our 3 branches of government are dominated by that noisy minority. So who is going to win?

The battlefield of engagement at present is the health care debate. If any discussion could reveal the colors of these two diverse segments of society. it is this one. The policy folks and the providence folks have gone toe to toe for weeks now and it looks as if the providence folks are winning. This, however, is no time for complacency. If we would make a second declaration of sorts, we could do so by defeating the policy folks on this ground. We must let them know that our faith is not in policy, in politics, or in personalities. We must draw the line in the sand and say here no further. This is not just a fight for freedom but for faith because the political demi-gods of this government desire your allegiance and if they cant get it by force they will snatch it by farce.

I hope that when the dust settles from this war of words, we will pause and take stock. I hope we will breathe a deep breath and reflect on the inherent danger of idleness, complacency, and silence. I also hope that we will re-commit ourselves to that source of aid that was good enough for our forefathers and should be good enough for us. Let us be clear that we trust Providence not policy.

Wisdom From A P.I.G.

pig I have been reading a pig. No, not that kind of a pig a P.I.G. A politically incorrect guide. This one happens to be on western civilization. It is fraught with all the wise teaching that you never got in your tax funded statist education. I am going to be devoting at least a post a week for the next few weeks to sharing a nugget or two from this raconteuristic but salient missive. Here is my nugget for you to chew on for today. I hope you enjoy and I hope it makes you angry enough or delighted enough to leave a comment.

“If Jesus is correct, then agnostic or merely material liberalism is not only wrong, it is deadeningly wrong. That is, it may be that we can love our neighbors as ourselves only by seeing both our neighbors and ourselves as loved by God, whom we adore and to whom we pray in humility. If we do not, then the neighbor at best becomes an annoyance to be dealt with humanely, and preferably not in a way that will require a mop for our floors. To put it another way: bureaucratic charity, secular and utterly impersonal, is not charity at all, but a mercenary exchange, without the honesty of street corners and lipstick.”

– Dr. Anthony Esolen, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization, ppg. 272, 2nd paragraph