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Has Feminism Delivered The Goods?

feminismThe feminist movement promised women many things. Women, so the narrative went, were economically and socially repressed and deserved their shot at the reins of power. This thinking ushered in a wave of social change in the 60’s and 70’s known as the feminist revolution. The lasting effects of this revolution are clearly evident. In a recent Time magazine article entitled, The State of the American Woman, reporter Nancy Gibbs documents,

“In 1972 only 7% of students playing high school sports were girls; now the number is six times as high. The female dropout rate has fallen in half. College campuses used to be almost 60-40 male; now the ratio has reversed, and close to half of law and medical degrees go to women, up from fewer than 10% in 1970. Half the Ivy League presidents are women, and two of the three network anchors soon will be; three of the four most recent Secretaries of State have been women.”

With such wonderful returns on investment, American women should be the most happy, fulfilled, and content sector of our society, but are they? Not according to renowned feminist matriarch Susan Faludi who recently made this candid statement,

“The woman’s movement wasn’t about happiness.”

Ms. Faludi’s is more correct than she may realize. In fact in the same article cited above Nancy Gibbs also points to research that documents an alarming trend trend toward unhappiness among American women. In as study entitled The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness, economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers reveal that while in the 70’s women polled much higher than men in overall subjective well-being but over time that data has completely reversed.

This article and the studies that it cites must give pause to feminists and to all American women. They stand in the best position to be the judge of whether feminism delivered what it has promised. From an outsiders perspective, it would appear that the great feminist revolution may have won women power but it caused women lose their proverbial souls.

HT: Dr. Al Mohler

A Culture of “Offendedness”

“In America today, if your sensibilities are offended by something that has happened, you get an enormous amount of credibility and are taken very seriously.”

– Brit Hume

It is amazingly ironic what offends some people in our country today. How is it that our values system could be so out of whack that some people would be offended when our law officials attempt to bring a convicted child rapist to justice or when two young people expose tax fraud and prostitution. Its as if the law and morality are trivial at best and offensive at worst. This is a sad state of affairs.

To take this a step further, consider what has happened to the cheer-leading squad at Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. In an effort to raise the spirits of their football team and the fans in the stands, the cheerleaders have used Bible verses on some of their signs. This is a practice that has gone on for quite some time until just recently when (go figure) someone got offended. What had served as a great source of wisdom and inspiration has now been scrapped because someones feelings got hurt. The logic being used to take away the free speech rights of these young ladies is that it “obviously” violates the separation of church and state.

So that’s the magic bullet. If something is moral, or especially Judeo-Christian and you don’t like it, just get offended and noisy. Chances are all authorities will cave to your wishes and run for cover; that is unless you are offended at pornography, or blasphemy, or illicit drug use. It must be nice to be in that privileged class that always gets what it wants in this “culture of offendedness”.

Community Is No Longer Sacred


“Good order is the foundation of all things.”

– Edmund Burke

What bit of national security is being put at risk in Cambridge, Mass.? What interstate commerce function is being thwarted there? What natural catastrophe requires federal intervention? The answer is none, but don’t tell that to the President.

This week in his press conference to plead for nationalized health care, the President weighed in on a domestic disturbance case in the town of Cambridge, Massachusetts. By his own admission, he stated that he did not know the specifics of the case yet he concluded that the local authorities acted “stupidly”. No Mr. President, I’m afraid that you acted stupidly and in doing so you have set a precedent that may very well disturb our Republic for years to come.

Communities and municipalities should be sacred. Just as a mans home is his proverbial castle a community should be the citizens refuge. A citizen of this country should be free from federal government tampering in its local affairs. It has been the order that has been our foundation since the inception of our Republic. Granted the world has gotten smaller because of technology but that doesn’t give a President or federal body the right to stick their nose in local affairs where they don’t belong. Its just plain fool-hearty at best and dangerous at worst.

I regret that the President did this. It calls into question the authority and effectiveness of what until now had been an exemplary police force. It also puts us on a slippery slope of having the federal government meddle in every aspect of our lives. Who can stop the encroachment of this federal leviathan? Some things were meant to be kept sacred and community should be one of those things.

Tradition Is Not Bad

tevyeThe word tradition conjures up many images in our minds. One such image may be of the lovable Tevye from the musical Fiddler on the Roof (pictured on the left). Humble Tevye is a simple milkman who is charged with providing for his family and raising his girls to be good Jewish young ladies who will attract and marry nice Jewish men. He sings the beloved song, Tradition that explains what his life is all about.

Tradition, however, is more than just a song and it is vastly more than just “we’ve always done it that way”. Tradition is an inheritance that we have been lovingly given by our forefathers. It is the lifeline that keeps us from repeating the mistakes of previous generations.

It comes as no surprise that popular culture dislikes tradition. Ask any modern if they would rather be thought of as trendy or traditional and the response is overwhelmingly trendy. We no longer value the wisdom of past generations as a source of guidance and security. We have, therefore, set out on the stormy seas of human progress in a paper skiff made of hope and change. Unfortunately, many in our country fail to see as the boat begins to leak there is brewing a prefect storm of the consequences of unwise decisions that threatens to sink this precarious ship of state. And where is our captain in the midst of this mess? He is standing on the deck feverishly flipping through his copy of Rules for Radicals and ignoring the jaunts of petty dictators as they sail by in their battleships.

Tradition is not bad. Our President and his brain trust would do well to recognize that. Even if that means doing something that a previous administration did just because it is good for the country. It is the acme of ignorance to refuse tradition and trade the security of ones nation for the moniker of singularity. I hope that the American people will come to their senses before it is too late and place in power those people who respect the value of tradition.