What Do You Have Faith In?


It is amazing how history repeats itself. The acts we see in our government and culture are re-runs of struggles faced by ancient cultures. Most people dont think along such lines. They will look at our governments decision to engorge itself and think that this is a novel and even necessary move. They lack faith in the God of the universe so they place their faith in the “little g” god of government. Brothers, this has all been done before and the result was not what was intended.

I have been thinking about this for some time. I am a student of history. It is in my nature not to ask only what, but why. My studies have led me to a book entitled, The Politically Incorrect Guide To Western Civilization. The author, Dr. Anthony Esolen, summarizes this worship of government redux thusly:

Pharoah’s Egypt also shows us a lesson for our times that the Soviet Union understood, but many well-meaning secular liberals in Europe and the U.S. today ignore: there is no such thing as a vacuum of faith. Let Christians and other believers in human freedom take note. If a man is by nature a creature who gives praise, and if he does not know the true God, he will give his heart and perhaps his sweat and blood, to something big within his vision. The two biggest candidates for false gods are nature and the state. He will drown his imagination in the swamp of natural processes, birth and growth and sex and death, or he will enslave himself to power, most clearly manifest in an emporer-god, a deified city, or an all-competent State. Often, as in Mesopotamia and Egypt, and in today’s American Left, he’ll do both at once.

In essence, what we are dealing with is a crisis of faith. The only answer is to wean people off of the “little g” god of government by replacing it with the Almighty God of the universe through the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no middle ground. If you are an authentic Christian, then you should worship God and not depend on the government. If you are not an authentic Christian, then you are a candidate for this insidious, cheap, plastic “little g” god called government. What do you have your faith in?

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