Without A Lifeline

Christians Must Be Seeking Out Those In Danger

The last days of Tyler Clementi can be described as nothing less than tragic. How sad to see a young man take his own life out of embarrassment, frustration, and desperation. While there are several aggravating factors that led up to this event the basis for his suicide is rooted in sin.

It is sin that caused his roommate and his friend to tape Tyler’s homosexual encounters and post them on the Internet. It is sin that caused Tyler to believe that he could find happiness by engaging in homosexual behavior. It is also sin that causes Christians to distance themselves from a young man like Tyler who needs to hear the gospel message and learn that true happiness comes only in the forgiveness and healing that Jesus can give.

Dr. Al Mohler has adroitly put the Tyler Clementi into perspective in an article he wrote entitled, Between The Boy And The Bridge-A Haunting Question. In the article Mohler states,

In other words, the believing church cannot surrender to the demand that we disobey and reject biblical truth. That much is clear. We cannot lie to persons about the sinfulness of their sin, nor comfort them with falsehood about their moral accountability before God. The rush of the liberal churches and denominations to normalize homosexuality is now a hallmark of their disobedience to the Bible.

But this is not the end of the matter, and we know it. When gay activists accuse conservative Christians of homophobia, they are wrong. Our concern about the sinfulness of homosexuality is not rooted in fear, but in faithfulness to the Bible — and faithfulness means telling the truth.

Yet, when gay activists accuse conservative Christians of homophobia, they are also right. Much of our response to homosexuality is rooted in ignorance and fear. We speak of homosexuals as a particular class of especially depraved sinners and we lie about how homosexuals experience their own struggle. Far too many evangelical pastors talk about sexual orientation with a crude dismissal or with glib assurances that gay persons simply choose to be gay. While most evangelicals know that the Bible condemns homosexuality, far too many find comfort in their own moralism, consigning homosexuals to a theological or moral category all their own.

What if Tyler Clementi had been in your church? Would he have heard biblical truth presented in a context of humble truth-telling and gospel urgency, or would he have heard irresponsible slander, sarcastic jabs, and moralistic self-congratulation?…

As believers we have a calling to help all who are caught in sin regardless of what that sin might be. We must reach out to those who are marginalized and isolated by their sin. We can’t leave those who are struggling with sin without a lifeline.

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  1. Sandra Hall says:

    Wow, how convicting and so true!

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